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Professor Cesar Vargas
Dr. Cesar Vargas

''The use of language is one of the things that distinguish us from animals. Sure, animals DO communicate, but the precision (when used correctly) afforded by the use of language is unparalleled. So, my advice to you is to learn language (whatever language or languages you choose), and learn its intricacies, it fallacies, its rhythms and its soul."

Cesar Vargas

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Welcome Blog

Bienvenidos a mi bitácora (blog)

Estoy comenzando esta aventura del blogueo, así que tengan paciencia. Se aceptan sugerencias y palabras de aliento.

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Un azar de palabras


Según el Diccionario de la RAE (Real Academia Española), el adjetivo augusto se atribuye a alguien que infunde o merece gran respeto y veneración por su majestad y excelencia.

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Coming Soon

What questions/suggestions do you have?

What would you like to know about English - Spanish Translation/Interpretation, the Spanish language, etc.? Tell me in the blog comments.

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About Me

I am Professor Cesar Vargas, and I currently teach the Translation & Interpretation classes leading to the Certificate and the Associate of Science Degree at Santa Ana College, in Santa Ana, California.

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Professor Cesar Vargas

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